Kat Von D – Wish list

Today is the day that Debenhams has finally launches Kat Von D Makeup. I have been so excited to be able to get my hands on this a lot more easier. I am going to save up to be able to make a purchase on there. Although it is only online exclusive which does make it hard to be able to swatch things as trying to match the colour of your foundation by just looking at an online photo is difficult, so I hope they bring Kat Von D to stores.

I have tried out the Shade and light contour palette and the Ever lasting liquid lipstick in Lolita which I picked up when I was in New York in February. I still use my contour kit nearly every time I go out but I was nearly finished my ever lasting lipstick and then I lost it so I am so excited to be able to go out and pick up another one.

There are a few different products I want to get my hands on but need to save for as it is a high end brand to me.


I have had this before but not having this in my collection still is a killer because when I had this it was my favourite ever lipstick. It was such a good consistency and the colour was beautiful. I am so happy I am able to pick this up again from the UK.


This is the only other colour I fell in love with on the Debenhams website. I hope the colour is as nice as it looks on swatches. This is a fawn nude. The Ever lasting lipsticks are so pigmented and long lasting I cant wait to get some more.

Lock it liquid foundation

I have heard so many reviews about this foundation and I know I need it in my life. It is a full coverage foundation and a little goes a long way. My only problem with this is you can only get it online and cant get it in stores so finding your right shade can be difficult and as makeup is non-refundable in the UK this makes it difficult.

Lock it creme concealer

I have heard so many good things about this product aswell. I really want to get my hands on the shade ” White out” but on the Debenhams website it is out of stock within the first day so this may be hard to get my hands on.

Lock it hydrating face primer

I love trying out new primers so when I am able to save my money I think I am going to treat myself to this primer and see if it is any better than ones that I already own.

Lock it setting powder 

I have only recently started to get into loose powders. I want to try this one to bake with and see if it is any better quality than the Mac one.

Shade and light face brush 

The last thing I am really excited to save to pick up is the shade and light face brush. I saw this while I was in New York and decided I didnt need it. But now I have time to save and get this at any time I cant wait to get my hands on it.

This will take me a long time to save up for all of these things but I will have them on my wishlist so I know what I am saving for. I am so excited that Debenhams now sells Kat Von D and everyone in England can now pick this up.

Lucy x


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