Mini Lush Haul

Recently, Lush have recently had a show case of their Christmas and Halloween released products for this year. There was things all over the internet about products they have brought out. I was so excited but also so jealous as these wont be released in stores for a few weeks.

Then Lush Oxford Street said they would be releasing all the products on 16/09/16. My sister in law and her cousin were going to go down and get what they wanted. I was really gutted as I was super busy this day. But they were kind enough to bring me back the presents that I wanted.


I got a mixture of both collections. I am so excited for these to come out in all stores and to get my hands on them more easily.

Autumn leaf bath bomb

This is from the Halloween range. This is a brand new product this year. I really love the scent of this. It’s the same scent as grass bubble bar. I am so excited to use this I have seen people use this and it comes out many different colour. I will be picking more of these up when they come out.

Santasaurus bubble bar


This is a product from the Christmas range. I love this. The look of this is really cute and it smells exactly like Honey I washed the kids which is one of my favourite scents from lush. I love how these can be reused for more than one time. I have 2 of these already but will be picking up more.

Snow fairy body conditioner

I am obsessed with the Scent snow fairy as it is the first scent from lush I ever fell in love with. Body conditioners are also my favourite as they make your skin feel so soft and moisturised. This is the only product I have used so far and I am in love with this. It has blue shimmers in but these didn’t stay on my body. I will pick up more of these so I can be stocked up for the year.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb


I haven’t seen this one before but I am in love with the scent. It is nothing like the usual dark smells that you get around this time of year. It has cinnamon in but it is also sweet at the same time. I cant wait to use this and get my hands on some more.

Shoot for the stars bath bomb


This is from the Christmas range. This bath bomb has been out for years but they have changed what this looks like this year. This also smells like honey I washed the kids so I cant wait to use this and I hope the water goes as bright as the bath bomb is.

Lord of Misrule Bath bomb and shower cream


Lord of misrule is back again this year for Halloween. When I first ever smelt this scent I wasn’t too keen on it but then after a while I fell in love and wanted to get more products but by that point there was nothing left in stock as Halloween had finished. I had to  get myself a fresh bath bomb for this year and a mini shower cream.

The Halloween products will be released 23rd September and the Christmas products will be released on 1st October.

Make sure you head down to Lush to check out the new products!

Lucy x


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