Mac Lipstick Collection

Since I really got into makeup in the last few years I have always known about the big hype of mac lipstick. I always wanted to try them but when I was younger I couldn’t afford them. Over the last year or so I have managed to get myself a bit of a collection. A mac Lipstick was the first “expensive” bit of makeup I ever brought so they have a huge place in my heart.


Rose lily 

A Sheer pastel pink. This is the first ever mac lipstick I ever got. I got it from a shop called The cosmetic company outlet. This is where they sell discontinued products from Mac, Estee Lauder and other brands. I was able to get this for £10 instead of £15. When I was 17, that was still a lot for me when I was only working 8 hours a week. I do not wear this lipstick much anymore as I don’t think the colour looks good on me. However, when I want a little more glossy feeling on a pink lipstick I put a light layer of this on top. 

Viva Glam V

A peachy pink with gold shimmer. This would brought for me as a Christmas present and when I first saw it I was in love. Over the year I had fallen in love with brown toned lipsticks. This lipstick is sheer and very glossy. It feels like a lip gloss when it is applied. It has little shimmers throughout it. I love putting this on top of any matte lipsticks if I was it to be more glossy. I also like to put this on top of other lipsticks if I want to boost the colour of them. Its also good for days when you don’t want to do a full face of makeup. It is a lipstick that is easy to throw on. 


Russian Red

Intense Bluish red. As I am very pale with a slight yellow tone I have a problem to find a red that looks nice with my skin tone. Before I found this lipstick I was using a random red lipstick and a black liner(not my finest time) to make it darker so it suited my skin tone better. I still love this shade. It is moisturising when first it put on put does dry out throughout the day. However it is very long lasting and does not bleed. 


Dirty Blue pink. I love this colour it is one of my favourites. Its one of the most popular Mac lipsticks and I thought I would jump on the band wagon. When applying it is creamy and is not hard to apply. It feels nice on the lips but dries out after a few hours on the lip. However, you can just reapply and it will feel fine again. It is more pinky than Whirl. It is one of my everyday go to colours. 


Dirty Rose. This is one of my favourite lipsticks in my collection. I love the colour of this lipstick. It has the same texture on the lips as Mehr. This is one of the lipsticks well known for being “Kylie Jenner” I have to admit I love these colours and I do love this one. 


Deep dark blue red. This is the darkest colour that I own and I thought I would go out my comfort zone of nudes. I can say I am in love with the colour. It is not patchy at all and a nice texture on the lips. There can be a little bleeding after eating or drinking. 

Pink Plaid

Dirty Blue pink. This was also one of my first lipsticks and I am still in love with this and this one is so easy to wear everyday and it feels so comfortable on the lips and you can wear it with many looks. I think many different skin tones will be able to pull this colour off. 

Retro Matte:

Flat out Fabulous

Retro matte. Bright  plum. Now, this is a colour I would never go for. I got it because when I was going on holiday and i was sucked into buying it at the airport because it was cheaper and the woman said it would be great in the sun. I have worn this a few times but I cant say I am in love with it. the formula is a little more drying than the others and a little more difficult to apply.  

all Mac lipsticks can be found at Mac for around £15.50. 


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